Sportsbook Bonuses – How to Make Money With Off-The-Board and Exotic Bets

Many sportsbooks offer bonus bets that are available only to high rollers. It is possible to make money on the sports you don’t care about by making Off-the-board wagers or Exotic bets. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these features and how to use them. Regardless of whether you’re a sports bettor or just interested in making money, it’s possible to place a winning wager using a sportsbook bonus.

Welcome bonuses

Many sportsbooks offer different kinds of bonuses for new players, including welcome bonuses. Sportsbook bonus codes can be found on their website or elsewhere, and they must be entered at the appropriate time. The bonus codes are often requested during registration, but some sites feature promo codes for many sportsbooks. Here are the most popular types of welcome bonuses at sportsbooks:

Off-the-board wagers

If you want to place an off-the-board wager at a sportsbook, there are a few things you should know. For starters, you can’t bet on any game that is on suspension or has a major injury. Even if a game is still on the board, it may be suspended due to crazy weather conditions or injury. Then, there are over/under wagers and parlays. The latter requires you to place wagers on several events, and it can be risky.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a mathematical betting formula that determines how much to stake when odds are in your favor and when you shouldn’t. The Kelly Criterion is only applied when the odds on your wager are greater than the odds you would get by betting at a different sportsbook. To calculate your Kelly Criterion bets, all you need is the odds on your bet, the “fair” win probability, and the size of your bankroll.

Exotic bets

For horse racing fans, sportsbook exotic bets are something to consider. These wagers go beyond the traditional win, place, show bets. These bets can be as lucrative as the trifecta or superfecta, as well as daily doubles, pick-3s, and more. For those who aren’t familiar with them, here are some tips for betting on horse races. Exotic bets include the following:


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